Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Live in your own world...

Peri often asks me, what world do you live in? And I say "My world". I see the world through my eyes, everything is subjective and so a chipped plate or broken glass is a sign of a fun night... Being totally unaware of people's faults is not a sign of weakness or being a bad judge of character, its the way I see people- for their good. Why focus on negativity?

And so, yes I have spent most of life often not noticing things around me, doing silly things, bumping, breaking, falling... stumbling along sometimes.. but I am okay with that. Because my  life is beautiful because of it. I see glitter where others see dust- I see potential where others see a broken vessel. And sometimes, (okay often), I make mistakes due to my "ignorance" or inability to see reality as it really is. Should I change that? Should I open my eyes to reality?

Nah.. I like my pink, shiney, glitter covered and happy world. Ill stay here, thank you very much.

with love and light, come and visit me xo

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Two Best Words that start with Z....

After a "passport debacle" (aka we arrived at airport to go on holiday of our dreams and only realised when we got to customs my passport had expired), we left on the 8th to go to Zanzibar. We arrived to heat like I have never felt- within minutes my hair was clipped up, pants rolled up- and face was red! The drive to our hotel... beautifully named the Z Hotel..... was an interesting one. Driving through the rural town, where people just seemed happy. Simple life, none of the silly complications we experience and I am sure they do not have hundreds of psychiatrists and psychologists helping them through their deep childhood problems and every anxiety.

And we arrived at paradise- the Z Hotel. After the mixup with our flights and the so-called "passport debacle", the hotel had moved our accommodation to the following week at no extra charge and with total kindness. As we got to reception our bags were whisked away to our room and we were greeted by one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met, Julie- the GM of the hotel. She radiates a sort of calm we can all only dream to have.

Straight to our room to put on swimming costumes- a jump in the clear and warm ocean, a jump in a pool that must be made in heaven. And then a week of utter relaxation, joy, love, calm and peace.

On our second night they experienced a major storm that they had never had before--- this ruined a lot of the hotels in the area, and destroyed the roof of their restaurant. And so, instead of waking up and going down to breakfast- they brought breakfast to our room every morning. With a smile.. a "Jambo" hello... and a feeling that you will never find a place more peaceful.

I had a lot of time to think on this holiday, hours sitting by the pool doing nothing but relaxing. And I realised that there are so many destinations you can go to that are beautiful- but what makes a place beautiful? The people. And let me tell you, the people that work at the Z hotel are magical. Its as if Julie and the owners handpicked each person for their warmth, gentle nature and calm presence.

Its funny.. sometimes you get back from a holiday and feel like it never happened. You dread the thought of work... going back to your "normal life"... I don't feel that way. I feel energized, ready to tackle my work--- ready to have a brilliant, open and creative mind and put my heart into all I do.

For a week, watching people put so much love and care into their jobs-- made me realise that I need to do the same. When the beds were made every morning they left a design with petals and leaves and some form of animal made out of the towels- everything was done perfectly. And that is how I wish to live my life... Do things with heart, soul... passion. And when a storm comes.. as it does.. and the roof collapses... as it does... well what do you do? You eat breakfast in bed.

With love. My two best Z words-- Zanzibar and the Z hotel. Thank you Julie xoxo