Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Live in your own world...

Peri often asks me, what world do you live in? And I say "My world". I see the world through my eyes, everything is subjective and so a chipped plate or broken glass is a sign of a fun night... Being totally unaware of people's faults is not a sign of weakness or being a bad judge of character, its the way I see people- for their good. Why focus on negativity?

And so, yes I have spent most of life often not noticing things around me, doing silly things, bumping, breaking, falling... stumbling along sometimes.. but I am okay with that. Because my  life is beautiful because of it. I see glitter where others see dust- I see potential where others see a broken vessel. And sometimes, (okay often), I make mistakes due to my "ignorance" or inability to see reality as it really is. Should I change that? Should I open my eyes to reality?

Nah.. I like my pink, shiney, glitter covered and happy world. Ill stay here, thank you very much.

with love and light, come and visit me xo