Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Kind Deed Daily!

A while ago, I attempted this initiative to encourage everyone I know, some I didn't know so well, to do one good deed a day. Put it on their to do list. A small something. Tell someone how beautiful they are. Give a few coins to someone less fortunate. Hug someone who is feeling sad. If everyone in the world made a tiny effort to just do one small deed a day wouldn't it make the world so much better- more beautiful- more hopeful.  It didn't so much work, and I myself forgot about it.

Tonight I was reminded. A friend was stuck with a flat tyre, I went to help but my bolt thing majingy from my car was wrong size. Okay so we asked a few people for help--- excuses. And we stood in the rain. Then a car pulled over and very nonchalantly came to the assistance. Not such a small deed. Considering we live in South Africa- hijacking is rife- crime often- they stopped. And my heart was warm, my day was made. Someone in this world was being kind. Was doing something with no intent of getting anything in return.

I went afterwards to get dinner for me and my mom and gave the waitress an extra large tip. I was smiley, hummy, content. I thought wow I love this world. I'm sure my friends whose car troubles were fixed by a kind stranger felt the same. I had this bubbly feeling of love for everything around me- like I had been swallowed into a rainbow and showered with glitter! 

One small deed. It made me and my two friends happy. I made a very nice waitress happy... And then.. Who knows from there? I know of the pay it forward concept but this differs. This places no obligation on the person receiving.

Just give. Open up your heart. Maybe a smile? Kind word? 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Heart Song

Heart Song

I call my cat Rumples my heart song. He is not my only heart song. So I guess the very phrase heart song means different things to different people- my boyfriend was not sure when me met what this thing called a “heart song” was.

Definition of heart song: something or someone that at the very sight of fills your heart with joy, that elation instantly, something connected into your heart and wired to make you instantly happy, genetically built to that something or someone. Your heart is coded already with your heart songs and when your heart connects with their rhythm you just know. You want to dance and sing, you want to laugh for no reason- you feel calm. My boyfriend is also part of my heart song. He has a very different beat to most- the rhythm is a little mixed up (in a really fabulous way). When I see him I feel my heart song go extra fast- and it never changes, no matter how many times I look at him.

Listen to beats around you, listen to intuition— let your inner voice speak, and connect with your heartsongs.  


Love is the most amazing thing when you feel it, when you breath it in. When you meet someone who makes your heart beat faster- makes you forget about every day things and reminds you to day dream. And then it is not perfect. You realise that the person you love is flawed in many ways and that you are flawed. That as you can bring out the best in each other, you can bring out the worst. That the line between love and hate is a lot thinner then you think.
But loving someone doesn’t mean you will love them equally all the time and it doesn’t mean that they are perfect- or anything near perfect. Loving someone means excepting that they aren’t you- they dont love the same way you do- they dont show love the same way you do.
I want to show my boyfriend love by creating a book of photos and messages that took me 3 months to do- what better way is that? He doesnt show love that way, he wants to cook for me and help me get new tyres on my car.  Different? Yes. But a show of love nonetheless. We cannot change people or force them to be the same as us.
We choose to love them, we choose to listen to our #heartsong that connects with theirs, and we look at them with open hearts and minds and  love utterly and truly. Our version of utterly and truly.
And sometimes, now and again, we try to love the person in the language they love.

It is all a matter of perspective

So, its been a stressful few weeks at work- rushing around getting ready for a major campaign for a client. Aircon has not been working- and its been a hub of hot headed, hard working and snappy individuals. In saying that, it also has been a time to realise how passionate people are- how people come through- how people open their minds under stress and how people want to make things work. It also reveals everyone’s true characters. There are those people that just get things done, with no huff- no puff- no sleepless nights- it is just done. Then there are those that actually are so chaotic they make everyone around them chaotic and their stress just prevents anything from actually happening. Conclusion to this was that everyone did pull together and things got done. And somehow, I managed to have fun and enjoy the process- because after all, if you don’t, what is the point?
During this time, a magnificent little girl was born- my niece Kesiah Jade. I held her in my arms when she was just a few moments old and the work campaign, the office, the things I still needed to do– they did not exist in my reality. I felt pure peace and pure love. A heard a new #heartsong that made me float!
Also during this time, someone close to me has not been well, and it shocked my core (every time someone I love is remotely unwell I have dejavu of my father being diagnosed with cancer and those heart breaking trips to the hospital). The world stopped around me and I thought- Health. Health is spectacular, something to cherish- something to be eternally grateful for. And I then thought what if you do not have your health? How quickly it can be taken from you. The importance of gratitude is stressed so often but even if you are grateful, peaceful, loving, good  hearted, calm– sometimes things hit you in the face. Some things come along that you just did not plan for. 
Perspective. What really matters? Spending an hour with my baby niece and looking at her innocence and beauty. Being next to my sisters side as she starts her journey as a first time mom.
Being supportive to a friend that is not well. Going to sit at the hospital at 8pm- because that work I have to do- can by no stretch be more important then giving of my support and love. 
Work hard. Give it your best. But just know what is priority- just know what makes your heart sing. Just know who is there when you are down, when you are broken? 
I keep on having to remind myself this very thing, because we all get caught up in making money and being the best and being brilliant in our careers. And yes it is important. But human beings, love, support, family- those things are what really matter.  I keep on reminding myself #perspective. Breath. Breath. Put it in perspective. 


I love crystals. Rose quartz, citrine, amethyst… I could go on and on about the beautiful healing properties of every crystal. My heart sings at the site of a new crystal- protection, love, wealth, health, tranquillity.. So when I received three beautiful crystal rings for my 30th birthday I was elated. I clutched them with joy. Two of the rings were a perfect fit and I haven’t taken them off since- excited by the notion that the citrine was bringing me wealth and helping me think clearer. Joyous that the amethyst was protecting me. The rose quartz ring was too small so I returned to the jeweller yesterday to get it made bigger.
Merrily I asked her about some of the other stones in the rings she had and she replied “these are not real stones”. Imagine. She has been selling for years these artworks of jewellery- and no one had asked if the rose quartz was real. They didn’t really care they like the pretty ring.  Now she saw the total devastation on my face- and she seemed confused. She never had a client so saddened that her pretty ring was not going to heal a broken heart or protect her against negative energy. It was pretty right, that’s why you bought the ring? and its made in gold right- so that’s nice?
So now, I have three gorgeous rings that I  love but the meaning behind them, the connection behind them- was fake- not rose quartz, not citrine— coloured glass?!
But you know what, these gifts came from precious people in my life- extremely precious. And these gifts were given with so much love— so really that makes the rings powerful- love filled- protective. Beautiful gold and glass rings that were given to me by beautiful people that wish me all the most beautiful things in the world. Symbols of how much I am loved and cared for. 
I guess things are not always what they seem- and sometimes you just need to look at things from a different angle—- and open your mind. We cannot be so set in our ways. So Iove crystals, and yes I love wearing them— but I love my family and friends far more and a blessing of love from them is far more powerful than anything else!
I love my rings and will continue to wear them!


Cancer. That word doesn't even touch me. I hear it so often. Young, old, healthy-- who is immune? Sadly my life has been touched by beautiful souls who died from this demon - and some who gratefully survived it. I have funny late granny throwing her wig she wore due to chemo in the air on her walking stick- the playfulness of her beautiful nature not lost even to cancer. Sad stories, my late dad so ill from the chemo, his spirit slowly fading but always a sense of humour and spark shining despite the heavy doses of medication pumped into his body. Stories of my late sister my mom speaks of, Blood transfusions for her leukaemia at 4 years old. A baby. That heartache totally unable to put into words.
And then someone so dear to me diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. Good prognosis they say. Happy faces we all put on. When I just want to scream and cry!! Why!!!
I just want to broadcast to the world- I'm sad. It hurts, the memories come flooding into my heart and it hurts. My dad's hair falling out, the anguish on his face, the feeling of utter desperation when I realised I could not do anything to fix it. The loss in my heart.
 And what I really want to do - is say to everyone I know and don't know--- Please just love each other now with your heart and soul. Give all you can. Never hold back. Be happy. Drink that wine. Kiss. Kiss for long. Let go of the guilt. Guilt makes you sick. Stop holding onto that stupid anger- senseless anger, stop hating. Stop screaming in traffic- its only traffic. Use those minutes to think, to giggle to remember. Please world hear me-- love each other. Listen to your heart. Find your happiness. Stop being so hard, so hateful, so sad... Just be happy. And if you don't know how to be happy.. Learn....listen and learn.
and even if if it is just for this moment feel love and feel joy. Do it for my friend with cancer. And your friends with cancer. And do it because you have been given this life.
And beautiful healthy heartfelt blessings and prayers to my dear loved one.. Health to cover your body. And for now... Let me, let your friends, let your family- just learn to love. And let's be happy.