Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I love crystals. Rose quartz, citrine, amethyst… I could go on and on about the beautiful healing properties of every crystal. My heart sings at the site of a new crystal- protection, love, wealth, health, tranquillity.. So when I received three beautiful crystal rings for my 30th birthday I was elated. I clutched them with joy. Two of the rings were a perfect fit and I haven’t taken them off since- excited by the notion that the citrine was bringing me wealth and helping me think clearer. Joyous that the amethyst was protecting me. The rose quartz ring was too small so I returned to the jeweller yesterday to get it made bigger.
Merrily I asked her about some of the other stones in the rings she had and she replied “these are not real stones”. Imagine. She has been selling for years these artworks of jewellery- and no one had asked if the rose quartz was real. They didn’t really care they like the pretty ring.  Now she saw the total devastation on my face- and she seemed confused. She never had a client so saddened that her pretty ring was not going to heal a broken heart or protect her against negative energy. It was pretty right, that’s why you bought the ring? and its made in gold right- so that’s nice?
So now, I have three gorgeous rings that I  love but the meaning behind them, the connection behind them- was fake- not rose quartz, not citrine— coloured glass?!
But you know what, these gifts came from precious people in my life- extremely precious. And these gifts were given with so much love— so really that makes the rings powerful- love filled- protective. Beautiful gold and glass rings that were given to me by beautiful people that wish me all the most beautiful things in the world. Symbols of how much I am loved and cared for. 
I guess things are not always what they seem- and sometimes you just need to look at things from a different angle—- and open your mind. We cannot be so set in our ways. So Iove crystals, and yes I love wearing them— but I love my family and friends far more and a blessing of love from them is far more powerful than anything else!
I love my rings and will continue to wear them!