Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Cancer. That word doesn't even touch me. I hear it so often. Young, old, healthy-- who is immune? Sadly my life has been touched by beautiful souls who died from this demon - and some who gratefully survived it. I have funny stories...my late granny throwing her wig she wore due to chemo in the air on her walking stick- the playfulness of her beautiful nature not lost even to cancer. Sad stories, my late dad so ill from the chemo, his spirit slowly fading but always a sense of humour and spark shining despite the heavy doses of medication pumped into his body. Stories of my late sister my mom speaks of, Blood transfusions for her leukaemia at 4 years old. A baby. That heartache totally unable to put into words.
And then someone so dear to me diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. Good prognosis they say. Happy faces we all put on. When I just want to scream and cry!! Why!!!
I just want to broadcast to the world- I'm sad. It hurts, the memories come flooding into my heart and it hurts. My dad's hair falling out, the anguish on his face, the feeling of utter desperation when I realised I could not do anything to fix it. The loss in my heart.
 And what I really want to do - is say to everyone I know and don't know--- Please just love each other now with your heart and soul. Give all you can. Never hold back. Be happy. Drink that wine. Kiss. Kiss for long. Let go of the guilt. Guilt makes you sick. Stop holding onto that stupid anger- senseless anger, stop hating. Stop screaming in traffic- its only traffic. Use those minutes to think, to giggle to remember. Please world hear me-- love each other. Listen to your heart. Find your happiness. Stop being so hard, so hateful, so sad... Just be happy. And if you don't know how to be happy.. Learn....listen and learn.
and even if if it is just for this moment feel love and feel joy. Do it for my friend with cancer. And your friends with cancer. And do it because you have been given this life.
And beautiful healthy heartfelt blessings and prayers to my dear loved one.. Health to cover your body. And for now... Let me, let your friends, let your family- just learn to love. And let's be happy.