Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Kind Deed Daily!

A while ago, I attempted this initiative to encourage everyone I know, some I didn't know so well, to do one good deed a day. Put it on their to do list. A small something. Tell someone how beautiful they are. Give a few coins to someone less fortunate. Hug someone who is feeling sad. If everyone in the world made a tiny effort to just do one small deed a day wouldn't it make the world so much better- more beautiful- more hopeful.  It didn't so much work, and I myself forgot about it.

Tonight I was reminded. A friend was stuck with a flat tyre, I went to help but my bolt thing majingy from my car was wrong size. Okay so we asked a few people for help--- excuses. And we stood in the rain. Then a car pulled over and very nonchalantly came to the assistance. Not such a small deed. Considering we live in South Africa- hijacking is rife- crime often- they stopped. And my heart was warm, my day was made. Someone in this world was being kind. Was doing something with no intent of getting anything in return.

I went afterwards to get dinner for me and my mom and gave the waitress an extra large tip. I was smiley, hummy, content. I thought wow I love this world. I'm sure my friends whose car troubles were fixed by a kind stranger felt the same. I had this bubbly feeling of love for everything around me- like I had been swallowed into a rainbow and showered with glitter! 

One small deed. It made me and my two friends happy. I made a very nice waitress happy... And then.. Who knows from there? I know of the pay it forward concept but this differs. This places no obligation on the person receiving.

Just give. Open up your heart. Maybe a smile? Kind word?