Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It is all a matter of perspective

So, its been a stressful few weeks at work- rushing around getting ready for a major campaign for a client. Aircon has not been working- and its been a hub of hot headed, hard working and snappy individuals. In saying that, it also has been a time to realise how passionate people are- how people come through- how people open their minds under stress and how people want to make things work. It also reveals everyone’s true characters. There are those people that just get things done, with no huff- no puff- no sleepless nights- it is just done. Then there are those that actually are so chaotic they make everyone around them chaotic and their stress just prevents anything from actually happening. Conclusion to this was that everyone did pull together and things got done. And somehow, I managed to have fun and enjoy the process- because after all, if you don’t, what is the point?
During this time, a magnificent little girl was born- my niece Kesiah Jade. I held her in my arms when she was just a few moments old and the work campaign, the office, the things I still needed to do– they did not exist in my reality. I felt pure peace and pure love. A heard a new #heartsong that made me float!
Also during this time, someone close to me has not been well, and it shocked my core (every time someone I love is remotely unwell I have dejavu of my father being diagnosed with cancer and those heart breaking trips to the hospital). The world stopped around me and I thought- Health. Health is spectacular, something to cherish- something to be eternally grateful for. And I then thought what if you do not have your health? How quickly it can be taken from you. The importance of gratitude is stressed so often but even if you are grateful, peaceful, loving, good  hearted, calm– sometimes things hit you in the face. Some things come along that you just did not plan for. 
Perspective. What really matters? Spending an hour with my baby niece and looking at her innocence and beauty. Being next to my sisters side as she starts her journey as a first time mom.
Being supportive to a friend that is not well. Going to sit at the hospital at 8pm- because that work I have to do- can by no stretch be more important then giving of my support and love. 
Work hard. Give it your best. But just know what is priority- just know what makes your heart sing. Just know who is there when you are down, when you are broken? 
I keep on having to remind myself this very thing, because we all get caught up in making money and being the best and being brilliant in our careers. And yes it is important. But human beings, love, support, family- those things are what really matter.  I keep on reminding myself #perspective. Breath. Breath. Put it in perspective.