Monday, 30 June 2014

Miss Magoo (possible genetic connection to Mr Magoo)

If there are ever auditions for a Miss Magoo, let me know, I will be a front runner. Most people like to call me clumsy, accident prone, often living in dream world. 

I like to call it lucky. 

Thanks to Wikipedia you can read a bit about the original Mr Magoo ( the best descriptor from this article "However, through uncanny streaks of luck, the situation always seems to work itself out for him, leaving him no worse than before."

And so, due to clumsiness, eyesight impairment (yes I have 20/20 vision but my view of the world is a little different to others) and a general confused perspective (I think its because I am colourful)- things seem to happen to me. 

Glasses seem to break wherever I go. I am seldom able to cook a meal without either burning myself or the food. Last night I was painting my nails in bed. My Peri says to me "Bab, um so like.. I am not being mean but you are like the clumsiest person I know and you are painting your nails in bed in luminous pink? Is this a good idea?". To which I replied "Don't be silly, of course it is a good idea". 5 minutes later, well, you can imagine. There was a line of bright pink nail polish across our white linen. I then tried to research ways to remove to which Peri recommended it was best to leave. With my history in mind, I would land up creating a hole through  the duvet. I knew this to be true, and so I left it.

Well anyway, if you ask me- it will remain an reminder of a lovely Sunday evening when I painted my nails in bed and ate tea and rusks. 

Mr Magoo is testament to a man with bad eyesight that manages through luck and blessings to get through life magically, unscathed and wonderful. So in the wonderful words from Mr Magoo "O Magoo, you have done it again"... and well its bloody marvelous. Nothing wrong with doing things a little bit differently. 

It is all a matter of perspective. 

With love and light always 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect

Alcohol Detox. Easy one, right?

In my few days of being totally sober at any social, work- human interaction- I have noticed that there are some people that are not actually very nice. People that I usually like a lot- laugh with and totally understand seem pretty idiotic when 100% sober. Talk about beer goggles! Not just the eyes that do not see when you are intoxicated. But also there are people that when they are drunk, they are totally opposite to the sober self.

It is so easy to see past other people's faults when you are a little bit drunk. That girl that is actually 10 kilos over the weight of "your usual type"- well she looks amazing. That arrogant twat of a man seems like a total gentleman. You don't notice that maybe the friend you have been talking to all night is actually very boring. You are able to open up your heart to anyone who will listen- able to dance like no one is watching. You are able to just be ridiculous and have unrivaled fun.

So yes alcohol has really  bad effects on a person. But the "beer goggles" that possibly make people seem so lovely, fun- seem so perfect- those are nice. I akin them to the rose tinted glasses I would like to wear sometimes through life. Everything can seem so pretty...

When the hangover lifts, and your eyes start to see clearly- the cracks start to show. People are suddenly not as beautiful as they were the night before, or fun, or interesting. Some people turn out to not even be very nice. Reality sets in... and yes, I think it does suck just a little bit.

Give me my rose tinted glasses back, just on loan, so everything can be perfect again.

With love and light, Art in Your Heart

Monday, 9 June 2014

Ebb and Flow

ebb and flow: to decrease and then increase, as with tides; a decrease followed by an increase
Life has its music and its silences. There are leavings and comings, hello's and goodbyes. Moments of being awake and times when we are resting.

I was at my mother's house over the weekend and I came across a picture of myself when I was 21. Skinny. Gorgeous. Tanned. Blond. Short skirted, fanciful and totally and utterly filled with fear. Scared of myself, scared of where the world would take me. I remember the day that photo was taken. I was going to a dress up  party with the theme "what not to wear". I had gotten a pink mini skirt, a pink barbie top, pink earrings, pink eye shadow- and the same pink ensemble for Tatum to wear.  Looking back at the picture I cannot believe how thin and gorgeous- and YOUNG I was. But that day I remember wishing I was thinner and feeling totally insecure. I remember just wanting a good boyfriend. I was so skinny at the time because I was recovering from a particularly painful break up that had crushed my self esteem and made me doubt my sense of self. I was complex, complicated and totally vulnerable.

So yes, when I looked at that photo I did make my entire family  have a moment of silence for the amazing skinniness that  I now yearn for.... but... well.... did it make me happy? No. Almost ten years later, and more than 10 kilos later, I am no longer waif like (chubby sexy is term I like to use). And yes I would love to look like that former 21 year old girl... but instead of spending those 10 years primping, preening and beautifying, I spent them learning to love myself.

I have spent 10 years fighting my fears, delving into my demons, building a career, manifesting dreams and loving. Truly and utterly loving. I met the love of my soul Peri. I found my heartsong cats Rumples and Shanti that every day bring me joy. I worked on my friendships daily, and still do. I spent precious moments eating huge unhealthy meals with family and friends and making memories.

And so, with the ebb and flow of life- there are times we are skinny and times we are not. Times we are fearful and then times we climb mountains. So go forth... climb your mountains, love with your heart and soul and let go of all those former selves- they have had their time and place.

With love and light always

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Ten People you Meet While on Earth

This world is made up of so many different, unusual, amazing, not so amazing human beings. Some you are very lucky to come across, some--- not so lucky.

The Vampire

We have all probably  met the Vampire. They like to take a lot of energy, material goods and love from those around them--- they suck their friends, family and partners of any joy and then they move on. The Vampire is not a very nice one.

The Emotionally Blank

That person who has a mono mood. Sad, happy, angry- all looks the same? You can never really figure out if they just hide their feelings or they just do not have any.

The Judge

Everyone in the world is wrong. Everyone in the world has wronged them. They are usually pretty angry people and very opinionated. They are always right. The Judge is sometimes mean.

The Roller Coaster

The main characteristic of this person is there is no main characteristic. They are up and down- totally inconsistent.

The I Specialist

Me. Me. Me. This person only knows that they exist in the world.

Now... now... there are the beautiful special people on this earth that add light, brightness and love.

The Wise One

Now I am very blessed to have many wise ones in my life. The advice givers. Those old souls that just know better. They see the world through eyes of someone who has lived a million lifetimes. A soul sister of mine Jami is one of these wise ones. She always knows. She sees things for what they are and gives the most open real perspective.  If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your lives, you are truly blessed. This person just has a presence of calm. Being around them immediately makes you feel calm and that everything will  be okay. They have a magical energy without having to try.

The Giver

My best friend of all time and forever Tatum is a giver. I sometimes actually cannot figure out why she stays friends with me, when I get so much out of our relationship- in return she gets my dramatic life and me as her third child to look after. She threw me a 30th birthday party when she was 6 months pregnant for love- and no other reason. The Givers have hearts made of something else. They just give without every wanting something in return. And they are genuine. They would not give to those they did not want to give to.. that is what makes it so special. My sister Bianca is a giver... never known such angelic qualities as she possesses.

The Soft on inside

This person is first identified by being very strong, very hard and not easy to get to know. They always seem happy, always seem easy-going. They are not the gushy types. But when you get to the inside.. well the inside is like soft cloudy loveliness. My partner Peri is like that. On the outside he appears to be easy nonchalant, unfazed and hard. But when you get to know him.. well he saves chameleons from the side of the road. He wont kill an insect- literally he rescues insects out of my kittens mouths. He will always make you a hot water bottle. He will pick up a beggar from the side of the road, buy  him groceries and then give him a lift to the nearest taxi. The soft on the inside are worth cracking through that hard shell, believe me.

The Matriarch

This one, well my mother epitomizes. Its that person with unwavering strength, that person who can do anything. Nothing is an effort. They just get up, get going and take over the world. Simple as that. They hold up their family, they hold up companies.. they are exceptional at everything they do. My brother is one of these as well. Strong beyond words.

The Sunshine

I love the Sunshine. The sunshine person is that happy person. They are the person you go to when you need a fun night on the town. When you want to laugh and forget that there is any badness in the world. My sister is a sunshine person. She always comes with buckets of joy. She walks into a party- and she is the party. The world would be a dark place without the sunshine people. Her husband Saul is also a sunshine person and genetically- their daughter Kesiah- she is also a sunshine person.

What person are you?

With love and light xoxox

Monday, 7 April 2014

Find something that anchors you, that keeps you looking forward

So, the truth is, I am not a naturally happy person. There I said it.

I am prone to being melancholic, I could spend two days in bed watching sad movies eating ice cream and actually enjoy the misery of it. In saying this, it took me some time to realize that being happy is not necessarily something that just comes naturally. To some, maybe, a lucky few. The rest of us have to work at being happy. As you do with most things in life. Relationships, work, our bodies, our minds and our emotional well being.

With a bit of experience in the dark world of depression, where curtains are closed and nothing seems very joyous--- I forced myself to get up and get going. No, not over night. No not over a year. Not over years. A work in progress... and I learnt some methods ... I will share a few..

Number 1. Have Faith.

When I say have Faith, I don't mean it has to be in a Gd, although that works. I don't mean it was to be in a spiritual being even. I mean faith in anything. Faith in the trees, faith that the sky will always be there, faith in a rock, faith in the moon. Faith in a friend. Faith in Buddha, Jesus, Gd, Spirits, Energy, Crystals. Faith in something. Why does this work? Well, it stops you from ever, ever giving up. No matter how bad things seem to be, no matter the dark smoke that surrounds you or the aching pain inside, there is something outside of you that you believe in.

And if something outside of you has to exist regardless of the rest of the world's turmoil- well then everything has to be okay. There is a constant to hold onto.

Number 2. Love

Love does not mean marriage, or having a partner (male or female). Love means caring for another being on this earth. Animals count. Yourself counts. Just love, find a way to feel pure and unconditional love for someone or something. I always remember going to a healer, and they asked me to close my eyes and meditate on the one time I felt completely loved. The thing that came to mind was lying on the couch with my cat Rumples. That is okay. I felt love. One start of love.. opens up a door to endless love. Believe me.

Number 3. Hold back on that Judgement

We are all very quick to judge, myself included.. but how do we ever know the journey other people are on? How do we know if the guy that cut us off in traffic was possibly rushing to the hospital? or if your boss being in a bad mood is due to a personal crisis you cannot imagine. I am not saying focus on other people's problems, we have enough of our own, I am saying just be accepting of people. Let go of instant judgement and anger and realize that yes- OTHER PEOPLE ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAD DAY.

Number 4. Let yourself feel

In saying all of the above. Sometimes things are just really damn bad.. and sometimes you just need to fall to pieces. You need to lie in bed, drink a glass of wine, cry, watch sad movies and feel sorry for yourself. And you should.. because YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAD DAY.

With love and light xoxoxo and happiness shared always

Friday, 4 April 2014

Is it okay to have regrets?

Live your life with no regrets. Google quotes on regrets and this is mostly what you will find... nowhere does it say "Yes well you will have some regrets, some would have should have feelings.. and that is okay". Well I am taking stance on this. It is okay to have regrets. It is okay to think, had I have known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.... because there will always be those things. 

I would have never stopped doing ballet. I was not brilliant at this art, but I loved it. My teacher said to me, you will regret this, and I did. It was beautiful and soothing and lovely.

I would have been kinder to my late father, I would have asked him a million questions and gotten to know him so that at the age of 30 I do not wander about a million things. I would have loved him more, because only now that he is gone do I realize how similar we are. 

I would have studied to be a Gynecologist like my late father- he always said that it was the one medical profession where most of the time you dealt with happy times- birth... I would not have studied law, something I never got a passion for... And then when I shifted to doing my honours in psychology- I should have done my Masters afterwards. I would have been a good Psychologist. 

I would not have dated some of the guys that I dated, I would have been wise enough to see the destruction that would cause long term. I would have seen that they were not genuine- that all I would learn from those relationships was hurt and a great method to building walls. 

I would have closed off my heart just a little bit more and not let everyone walk into my life that I did. Some lessons, I could have done without. 

I would have read the four agreements the day I started to learn to read. And in saying this all.. there is so much I would not change a millisecond of. The hours I spent reading from the day I learnt to read- the 100's, 1000's of books that I  have read and absorbed into my heart. The movies I watched with my dad. The nights I could not sleep and I woke up and found my dad watching a movie and joined him in the lounge. 

The friendships that I invested so much in, so much love, that are epic. That are lifelong. Thank you beautiful friends. 

The relationships I had that were beautiful, and loving.. and even if sometimes painful... left me so much more then what I entered with. Strength. Humility. The ability to understand love. Those relationships that led me to my beautiful Peri. To my true love. To Reality. 

And yes I would have loved to be a Doctor, but perhaps I would be so focused on healing the physical that I would not have this deep need to heal the heart and soul. And that is what I am getting to. The heart and soul.

With all that I have learnt, loved, hurt... and yes regretted... I want to spend my life sharing, inspiring, healing and teaching others. I want to teach children to meditate and that holding a rose quartz to your heart and breathing deeply will help the pain far more then any medication. I want to change this world- even if it is just one soul I touch and help. So with love, light and the biggest thanks for the many blessings that I have in my life... May I be blessed further to inspire people and in turn to be inspired by those very people.

And yes, it is okay to regret.... it is what you do with that regret that matters. No anger.. no hate. Move forward and create something beautiful.

With love and light xx Happy Friday!  

Sunday, 23 March 2014

You cannot have me

"You are a bad cook", "You hair looks better dark", "I do not like your fringe", "You are not very creative", "you are overweight"..... the "constructive" criticism from those close to you, and sometimes those that are not even close can be very damaging. After 30 years of listening how I should be doing things, what I am doing wrong, what I am good at, what I am not good at----- I have created a full body mask of Tamsyn. A fake face, a person that will appease everyone and fall into the box they want me to.

Somehow I got convinced that I was a crazy cat lady.. and that loving my kittens so passionately was crazy. I also got convinced that having kids would be a nightmare- that I did not want kids.

I have wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl- I was born to be a mother- How could I lie to myself about this? And yes I also was convinced that a wedding is silly- who needs a big white dress and a beautiful day dedicated to them. Who needs a special day to celebrate their love.

Me. Me the "crazy cat lady".

And so, after a "aha" moment I have decided to cut out the noise from those around me. To listen to feedback with an open heart but to NEVER let it define me. To make my own decisions.

"Yellow is not your colour". I was told this for years so I never even looked at any item of clothing remotely yellow.. well you know what.. I actually think yellow thinks amazing on me and I shall wear it with flare. "You are not a very good cook". Really? I lived with a beautiful friend of mine for a year and I was the house chef- they raved about my cooking. Why now have a developed an immense fear of even cutting cucumber in the kitchen. The word kitchen fills me with anxiety. But actually, I am a good cook- And I will cook.

I feel deeply disappointed in myself that I have let so many people's ideas about who I am, actually define me. What do they really know about me? About my abilities and strengths.

So from today, I make a vow to myself, to be true to me. I started off the day cutting my fringe (yes with a kitchen scissors and a little skew but looks good if you ask me.. I feel happy).

People spend so much time trying to morph those they love into what they want. How silly is that? Why would you be with someone, or be friends with someone- if you just wanted to create your own image of them. Love them for exactly as they are, or don't love them.. but never try to transform a person into what you want.

I am freaking fabulously amazing and I choose to embrace that. I love my crystals, I love my incense (and do not tell me to not light it), I love painting my nails a different colour every day, I love wearing things that are fashionable but have my own flare to them, I love rain, I love fancy hotels (I do not want to rough it, I do not want to stay in 3 star places), I love nice things. I do believe when people come for dinner there should be flowers on the table and a beautiful laid out table. I think that people should take pride in what they look like (not to the point that it consumes them)- but to the point that you show respect of the body that Gd has blessed you with. Let it be beautiful. Yes, I am chubby sexy but I think its gorgeous- and yes I would love to shed those extra 10 kilos.. and yes I will.. but I will do it when I am ready. Do not tell me what to eat, or that I need to do exercise. Maybe spend more time judging yourself then me and everyone else. Look at you, not me. And I love animals with a passion- I believe they have deep souls and I believe that my kittens are connected to my heart. I can see auras, I can sense energy, I have a strong intuition and I believe in magic.

I choose to live in my world. In my world I  never see ugly people, I do not jump to conclusions and judge people. I open my heart to everyone, and yes many times I get hurt. And yes sometimes my judgement is not amazing.. but its my world and I would far rather be like that then in a world where I only see bad in everyone else. Dont judge, love.

Embrace yourself. never let anyone else tell you who you should be. I did, and I almost lost myself. But I am back, and here to stay.

With love and light always

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Live in your own world...

Peri often asks me, what world do you live in? And I say "My world". I see the world through my eyes, everything is subjective and so a chipped plate or broken glass is a sign of a fun night... Being totally unaware of people's faults is not a sign of weakness or being a bad judge of character, its the way I see people- for their good. Why focus on negativity?

And so, yes I have spent most of life often not noticing things around me, doing silly things, bumping, breaking, falling... stumbling along sometimes.. but I am okay with that. Because my  life is beautiful because of it. I see glitter where others see dust- I see potential where others see a broken vessel. And sometimes, (okay often), I make mistakes due to my "ignorance" or inability to see reality as it really is. Should I change that? Should I open my eyes to reality?

Nah.. I like my pink, shiney, glitter covered and happy world. Ill stay here, thank you very much.

with love and light, come and visit me xo

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Two Best Words that start with Z....

After a "passport debacle" (aka we arrived at airport to go on holiday of our dreams and only realised when we got to customs my passport had expired), we left on the 8th to go to Zanzibar. We arrived to heat like I have never felt- within minutes my hair was clipped up, pants rolled up- and face was red! The drive to our hotel... beautifully named the Z Hotel..... was an interesting one. Driving through the rural town, where people just seemed happy. Simple life, none of the silly complications we experience and I am sure they do not have hundreds of psychiatrists and psychologists helping them through their deep childhood problems and every anxiety.

And we arrived at paradise- the Z Hotel. After the mixup with our flights and the so-called "passport debacle", the hotel had moved our accommodation to the following week at no extra charge and with total kindness. As we got to reception our bags were whisked away to our room and we were greeted by one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met, Julie- the GM of the hotel. She radiates a sort of calm we can all only dream to have.

Straight to our room to put on swimming costumes- a jump in the clear and warm ocean, a jump in a pool that must be made in heaven. And then a week of utter relaxation, joy, love, calm and peace.

On our second night they experienced a major storm that they had never had before--- this ruined a lot of the hotels in the area, and destroyed the roof of their restaurant. And so, instead of waking up and going down to breakfast- they brought breakfast to our room every morning. With a smile.. a "Jambo" hello... and a feeling that you will never find a place more peaceful.

I had a lot of time to think on this holiday, hours sitting by the pool doing nothing but relaxing. And I realised that there are so many destinations you can go to that are beautiful- but what makes a place beautiful? The people. And let me tell you, the people that work at the Z hotel are magical. Its as if Julie and the owners handpicked each person for their warmth, gentle nature and calm presence.

Its funny.. sometimes you get back from a holiday and feel like it never happened. You dread the thought of work... going back to your "normal life"... I don't feel that way. I feel energized, ready to tackle my work--- ready to have a brilliant, open and creative mind and put my heart into all I do.

For a week, watching people put so much love and care into their jobs-- made me realise that I need to do the same. When the beds were made every morning they left a design with petals and leaves and some form of animal made out of the towels- everything was done perfectly. And that is how I wish to live my life... Do things with heart, soul... passion. And when a storm comes.. as it does.. and the roof collapses... as it does... well what do you do? You eat breakfast in bed.

With love. My two best Z words-- Zanzibar and the Z hotel. Thank you Julie xoxo

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Build your own DREAMS!

There are many people in this world who love stability, love constants, love calm and consistency. I am not one of those people.

I thrive on chaos, thrive on drama- love change- love adventures. But it is dangerous to always be like that so I find my adventures in every day things.

There is so much magic in things standing right in front of us.

So I go to renew my drivers license. About a block from the station is an empty field barring a makeshift type shop (wood planks with tin roof), a few men sitting under it and a plastic chair. A cardboard sign saying photos. So I stop there-- climb through the plants and head to have my photos for my new license. A lovely warm (some what hulky and bit scary) gentleman tells me to sit down. Takes photos and then opens his boot of his car to link to some form of equipment.

He says " you need a copy of your ID, go to the lady across the field, get it while I print the photos". So I walk across to next makeshift shop and there is an old also very lovely lady with a lone photocopy machine. And done.

What struck me in this experience is the brilliance, tenacity and entrepreneurship with both these stores. They saw a need, they capatilised on it and they have created a little business. It gives me hope. And mostly inspires me.

Living in South Africa, a country rife with crime and poverty.. You cannot blame people for feeling hopeless. Inadequete healthcare and education. A worry where your next meal will come from. Fears all around you. People need to survive. But admist that.. There are so many exceptional people.. That rise above any feelings of anger, hatered, bitterness and the ability to create something out of nothing. And if you create, the world can only grow.

With so much love, I pray for all South Africans to continue creating businesses, creating dreams and creating hope. I read a brilliant quote the other day " build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs". So with a hopeful heart may we all make our dreams a reality and continue to create more brilliance in this world. 

With love and light always

Saturday, 18 January 2014

The day I fell In love

Well, it is not to say that I haven't loved Peri for the past year and a half, and I knew from our very first date there was something there- some connection that words could not explain and just existed. I have always loved his kindness, his love for all things and his passionate response to things around him. But this weekend I fell in love with him in a different way. It's strange for me, and I guess for many people, because you see love as this instant thing- this immediate reaction and total belief that this is the person you will share the rest of your life with and there is never any doubt.

I think when you are 30, as I am, you are a bit more jaded, cautious- not so quick to just fall into love and give of yourself. They always say the first love is the best love because you never think it will end.. that love before you know about life and its turmoil. But that is not true- the best love is love that lasts. The best love is love that grows and gets better. Not one that starts on a high of joy that cannot be sustained. Love that starts.. and grows and grows...

So we went away this weekend to a lodge in Rustenburg- not very exciting, right? But my Peri makes an adventure out of everything. This weekend I realised how in love I am with that aspect of him. On the way to our destination a tired looking beggar was selling a chameleon he had found- Peri swerved to the side of road and insisted on buying it. He feared for the destiny of this chameleon if he did not rescue it... and promised it a very good home. Then there was the journey to the pet shop- crickets to get for food- a home for chameleon (now referred to as Rusty)- and no I am not yet ready to call him mine. His love and appreciation- and total dedication and care of something he felt affected by- just made me fall head of heals.

We go lie by the pool, relaxing, joyous- and when I see insects alive, battling to survive in the pool- I am not scared or revolted- I pick them up and take them out the pool. This may sound ridiculous, but how could you leave the that living creature to suffer and die? That love and care of all things living- well I learnt from Peri. Two years ago I wouldn't even touch an ant. Second thing that made me feel totally head over heals.

And then, we at the pool- he is lying on a lilo.. its a lovely place, simple. Nothing much to do- and he is utterly filled with joy to just lie there in the sun and appreciate his surroundings. So embracing of the moment, so peaceful. Happy. In the moment. Something that I find so hard to do. Since I have known Peri it is something I slowly learn to do, to just have fun where you are- to appreciate a lilo, a hot summers day- a chameleon.

So for so long, I saw myself as this emotionally evolved human, open to life- loving of all, appreciating small things. And no, I have to admit to myself, when I watch Peri, I am not. For all the times I have thought Peri was not as emotionally evolved as me, or any man, well.. this i not the truth.

Peri appreciates every little small thing, he gives to things around him with an open heart and expectation of nothing in return and he appreciates life- the life of every living creature- even those that we just see as "bugs". I looked at this man today and knew that the gut feeling I had on our first date was so right- was leading me somewhere. A life of adventure, a life of loving and giving and a life of appreciation.

I thank Hashem ( for giving what I needed.... and what I asked for. Someone who made my life meaningful. Someone who challenges me every day.

We are driving to the shops- I have no makeup on, hair is untamed. Clip holding fringe up--and Peri looks at me will all seriousness "That is how your hair looks beautiful". And then I thought for the forth time this day, how amazing is that? Someone who sees you at what you think is your worst, and they think it is your best.

Our relationship has been by no means easy or simple- neither of us are easy or simple. There has been many downs, many things happen that has shattered us both... but I see now with retrospect that I am right now, exactly where I need to be.

I just wanted to share this special thing in my life, because well, sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. When relationships are not perfect, or there are downs- up, changes- we think it is hard- we think it is not right.... but sometimes... sometimes...... the best part is yet to come.

I pray for all of you to have a love that only grows with love... and time... and that you can appreciate all the small things (goes for me too), and live in the now. With love and light always xoxo

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A cloud of butterfly inspiration

So yesterday saw a cloud of beautiful butterflies flying over Johannesburg. This is the annual migration of the brown veined butterflies to Madagascar. It is a sight to behold! Everywhere you looked where beautiful flowing butterflies. Symbolically the Butterfly reflects transformation- and accepting that transformation with faith. And so I look at this beautiful sight as a sign for myself, for Johannesburg, and for South Africa as a symbol of the transformation we as a country have gone through and faith that everything will work out brilliantly and as it should. I looked in awe at these small beautiful creatures that go through this amazing metamorphosis and then make the flight all the way to Madagascar! How incredible is that? How spectacular is this world? Everything around us is a miracle.

Nature has a way of reflecting to us as individuals what is going on inside of us- it gives us signs all the time- speaks to us. People have a way of reflecting what is going on inside of us as well- and when you emanate negativity - that is what reflects back to you.

Yesterday I read an article on what makes positive people positive- and the one thing that stuck out was that they appreciated the small things in life. They saw beauty in nature, a blue sky- they felt joy from something little and did not hold out for some huge momentous occasion to make them happy. And that, to me, is the secret, appreciate every moment. Never say to yourself "I will be happy when.."... be happy today. Yes it is Sunday, and yes for a moment there the blues of work tomorrow caught me... and then I thought. It is Sunday, the sun is shining, I am going to read my book by the pool, be peaceful and happy. As we say in Afrikaans "More is nog a dag"... tomorrow is another day...

May you appreciate the butterflies, the sunshine, the raindrops nourishing the earth, the very fact that you are alive right now. With love and light always. xoxo

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Unlikely friends

So, when Peri and I moved into our new home- there was also the introduction of our two cats who had never lived together. My 3 year old ginger love Rumplestilskin and our 3 months year old new kitten Shanti.

Now, who was Rumplestilskin- he appeared in one of the fairy stories of the brothers Grimm; he tells a woman he will not hold her to a promise if she can guess his name and when she discovers it he is so furious that he destroys himself. The name Rumpelstilzchen in German means literally "little rattle stilt". (A stilt is a post or pole which provides support for a structure.) A rumpelstilt or rumpelstilz was the name of a type of goblin, a mischievous spirit that clatters and moves household objects. Okay, so my little Rumples true to his name is an interesting character. Aloof, not really interested in humans (besides me)- will only come cuddle up to me if no one else is around. Finds the strangest little places to hide and then just appears like magic. He doesn't like being cuddled and fussed over. At the same time, my rumples has been a tremendous amount of support for me. Knowing magically when I am sad and lying on my stomach until the tears dry up. Knowing when someone I have brought into the house is not a very good person-- and giving them that little evil Rumples look. Rumples is a magical little cat and could fair well in any fairytale.

Now, Shanti. Shanti, Santhi or Shanthi (from Sanskrit शान्तिः śāntiḥ) means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss.True to her name she is a creature of bliss... she loves to cuddle, she loves to be near people. She loves a good afternoon nap cuddled in your arms. She loves everyone.

And so we introduce these two very unlikely cats. Rumples sneers growls and ran away from her and spent two days on top of cupboard little Shanti couldn't reach. And for days little Shanti starred at him, not giving up- hoping for a friendship. 

Two months later, my babies are the best of friends. Cuddled together in bed in love holding hands! True story. Picture evidence below.
Sometimes, life puts you into situations that are not what you would choose- well often. Sometimes you encounter people that are not what you wanted- they don't have the things on the list you have. Friends, boyfriends, family members- they just don't reflect your ideals and you find it hard to love or accept them. 

But time is an amazing thing. And patience... You open up your heart just a little bit each day ... and listen to others points of view- no matter how much you disagree. Let us not all be so quick to judge, me included. To say "well I would never do that", to point fingers. Because is there any normal way to be? Is there any normal way to live to dress, to express yourself? Not that I know of. 

This year, I want to make an effort to embrace others differences and maybe even learn from them. To learn to love people that are not the same as me--- to take a glimpse into the way other people see the world and maybe learn a thing or two. 

.... Lets skip into Lala Land for just a moment where we all can love and accept even just a small piece of those that are different to us. Imagine what we could learn? With love and light my dear friends