Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect

Alcohol Detox. Easy one, right?

In my few days of being totally sober at any social, work- human interaction- I have noticed that there are some people that are not actually very nice. People that I usually like a lot- laugh with and totally understand seem pretty idiotic when 100% sober. Talk about beer goggles! Not just the eyes that do not see when you are intoxicated. But also there are people that when they are drunk, they are totally opposite to the sober self.

It is so easy to see past other people's faults when you are a little bit drunk. That girl that is actually 10 kilos over the weight of "your usual type"- well she looks amazing. That arrogant twat of a man seems like a total gentleman. You don't notice that maybe the friend you have been talking to all night is actually very boring. You are able to open up your heart to anyone who will listen- able to dance like no one is watching. You are able to just be ridiculous and have unrivaled fun.

So yes alcohol has really  bad effects on a person. But the "beer goggles" that possibly make people seem so lovely, fun- seem so perfect- those are nice. I akin them to the rose tinted glasses I would like to wear sometimes through life. Everything can seem so pretty...

When the hangover lifts, and your eyes start to see clearly- the cracks start to show. People are suddenly not as beautiful as they were the night before, or fun, or interesting. Some people turn out to not even be very nice. Reality sets in... and yes, I think it does suck just a little bit.

Give me my rose tinted glasses back, just on loan, so everything can be perfect again.

With love and light, Art in Your Heart