Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Ten People you Meet While on Earth

This world is made up of so many different, unusual, amazing, not so amazing human beings. Some you are very lucky to come across, some--- not so lucky.

The Vampire

We have all probably  met the Vampire. They like to take a lot of energy, material goods and love from those around them--- they suck their friends, family and partners of any joy and then they move on. The Vampire is not a very nice one.

The Emotionally Blank

That person who has a mono mood. Sad, happy, angry- all looks the same? You can never really figure out if they just hide their feelings or they just do not have any.

The Judge

Everyone in the world is wrong. Everyone in the world has wronged them. They are usually pretty angry people and very opinionated. They are always right. The Judge is sometimes mean.

The Roller Coaster

The main characteristic of this person is there is no main characteristic. They are up and down- totally inconsistent.

The I Specialist

Me. Me. Me. This person only knows that they exist in the world.

Now... now... there are the beautiful special people on this earth that add light, brightness and love.

The Wise One

Now I am very blessed to have many wise ones in my life. The advice givers. Those old souls that just know better. They see the world through eyes of someone who has lived a million lifetimes. A soul sister of mine Jami is one of these wise ones. She always knows. She sees things for what they are and gives the most open real perspective.  If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your lives, you are truly blessed. This person just has a presence of calm. Being around them immediately makes you feel calm and that everything will  be okay. They have a magical energy without having to try.

The Giver

My best friend of all time and forever Tatum is a giver. I sometimes actually cannot figure out why she stays friends with me, when I get so much out of our relationship- in return she gets my dramatic life and me as her third child to look after. She threw me a 30th birthday party when she was 6 months pregnant for love- and no other reason. The Givers have hearts made of something else. They just give without every wanting something in return. And they are genuine. They would not give to those they did not want to give to.. that is what makes it so special. My sister Bianca is a giver... never known such angelic qualities as she possesses.

The Soft on inside

This person is first identified by being very strong, very hard and not easy to get to know. They always seem happy, always seem easy-going. They are not the gushy types. But when you get to the inside.. well the inside is like soft cloudy loveliness. My partner Peri is like that. On the outside he appears to be easy nonchalant, unfazed and hard. But when you get to know him.. well he saves chameleons from the side of the road. He wont kill an insect- literally he rescues insects out of my kittens mouths. He will always make you a hot water bottle. He will pick up a beggar from the side of the road, buy  him groceries and then give him a lift to the nearest taxi. The soft on the inside are worth cracking through that hard shell, believe me.

The Matriarch

This one, well my mother epitomizes. Its that person with unwavering strength, that person who can do anything. Nothing is an effort. They just get up, get going and take over the world. Simple as that. They hold up their family, they hold up companies.. they are exceptional at everything they do. My brother is one of these as well. Strong beyond words.

The Sunshine

I love the Sunshine. The sunshine person is that happy person. They are the person you go to when you need a fun night on the town. When you want to laugh and forget that there is any badness in the world. My sister is a sunshine person. She always comes with buckets of joy. She walks into a party- and she is the party. The world would be a dark place without the sunshine people. Her husband Saul is also a sunshine person and genetically- their daughter Kesiah- she is also a sunshine person.

What person are you?

With love and light xoxox

Monday, 7 April 2014

Find something that anchors you, that keeps you looking forward

So, the truth is, I am not a naturally happy person. There I said it.

I am prone to being melancholic, I could spend two days in bed watching sad movies eating ice cream and actually enjoy the misery of it. In saying this, it took me some time to realize that being happy is not necessarily something that just comes naturally. To some, maybe, a lucky few. The rest of us have to work at being happy. As you do with most things in life. Relationships, work, our bodies, our minds and our emotional well being.

With a bit of experience in the dark world of depression, where curtains are closed and nothing seems very joyous--- I forced myself to get up and get going. No, not over night. No not over a year. Not over years. A work in progress... and I learnt some methods ... I will share a few..

Number 1. Have Faith.

When I say have Faith, I don't mean it has to be in a Gd, although that works. I don't mean it was to be in a spiritual being even. I mean faith in anything. Faith in the trees, faith that the sky will always be there, faith in a rock, faith in the moon. Faith in a friend. Faith in Buddha, Jesus, Gd, Spirits, Energy, Crystals. Faith in something. Why does this work? Well, it stops you from ever, ever giving up. No matter how bad things seem to be, no matter the dark smoke that surrounds you or the aching pain inside, there is something outside of you that you believe in.

And if something outside of you has to exist regardless of the rest of the world's turmoil- well then everything has to be okay. There is a constant to hold onto.

Number 2. Love

Love does not mean marriage, or having a partner (male or female). Love means caring for another being on this earth. Animals count. Yourself counts. Just love, find a way to feel pure and unconditional love for someone or something. I always remember going to a healer, and they asked me to close my eyes and meditate on the one time I felt completely loved. The thing that came to mind was lying on the couch with my cat Rumples. That is okay. I felt love. One start of love.. opens up a door to endless love. Believe me.

Number 3. Hold back on that Judgement

We are all very quick to judge, myself included.. but how do we ever know the journey other people are on? How do we know if the guy that cut us off in traffic was possibly rushing to the hospital? or if your boss being in a bad mood is due to a personal crisis you cannot imagine. I am not saying focus on other people's problems, we have enough of our own, I am saying just be accepting of people. Let go of instant judgement and anger and realize that yes- OTHER PEOPLE ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAD DAY.

Number 4. Let yourself feel

In saying all of the above. Sometimes things are just really damn bad.. and sometimes you just need to fall to pieces. You need to lie in bed, drink a glass of wine, cry, watch sad movies and feel sorry for yourself. And you should.. because YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAD DAY.

With love and light xoxoxo and happiness shared always

Friday, 4 April 2014

Is it okay to have regrets?

Live your life with no regrets. Google quotes on regrets and this is mostly what you will find... nowhere does it say "Yes well you will have some regrets, some would have should have feelings.. and that is okay". Well I am taking stance on this. It is okay to have regrets. It is okay to think, had I have known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.... because there will always be those things. 

I would have never stopped doing ballet. I was not brilliant at this art, but I loved it. My teacher said to me, you will regret this, and I did. It was beautiful and soothing and lovely.

I would have been kinder to my late father, I would have asked him a million questions and gotten to know him so that at the age of 30 I do not wander about a million things. I would have loved him more, because only now that he is gone do I realize how similar we are. 

I would have studied to be a Gynecologist like my late father- he always said that it was the one medical profession where most of the time you dealt with happy times- birth... I would not have studied law, something I never got a passion for... And then when I shifted to doing my honours in psychology- I should have done my Masters afterwards. I would have been a good Psychologist. 

I would not have dated some of the guys that I dated, I would have been wise enough to see the destruction that would cause long term. I would have seen that they were not genuine- that all I would learn from those relationships was hurt and a great method to building walls. 

I would have closed off my heart just a little bit more and not let everyone walk into my life that I did. Some lessons, I could have done without. 

I would have read the four agreements the day I started to learn to read. And in saying this all.. there is so much I would not change a millisecond of. The hours I spent reading from the day I learnt to read- the 100's, 1000's of books that I  have read and absorbed into my heart. The movies I watched with my dad. The nights I could not sleep and I woke up and found my dad watching a movie and joined him in the lounge. 

The friendships that I invested so much in, so much love, that are epic. That are lifelong. Thank you beautiful friends. 

The relationships I had that were beautiful, and loving.. and even if sometimes painful... left me so much more then what I entered with. Strength. Humility. The ability to understand love. Those relationships that led me to my beautiful Peri. To my true love. To Reality. 

And yes I would have loved to be a Doctor, but perhaps I would be so focused on healing the physical that I would not have this deep need to heal the heart and soul. And that is what I am getting to. The heart and soul.

With all that I have learnt, loved, hurt... and yes regretted... I want to spend my life sharing, inspiring, healing and teaching others. I want to teach children to meditate and that holding a rose quartz to your heart and breathing deeply will help the pain far more then any medication. I want to change this world- even if it is just one soul I touch and help. So with love, light and the biggest thanks for the many blessings that I have in my life... May I be blessed further to inspire people and in turn to be inspired by those very people.

And yes, it is okay to regret.... it is what you do with that regret that matters. No anger.. no hate. Move forward and create something beautiful.

With love and light xx Happy Friday!