Friday, 4 April 2014

Is it okay to have regrets?

Live your life with no regrets. Google quotes on regrets and this is mostly what you will find... nowhere does it say "Yes well you will have some regrets, some would have should have feelings.. and that is okay". Well I am taking stance on this. It is okay to have regrets. It is okay to think, had I have known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.... because there will always be those things. 

I would have never stopped doing ballet. I was not brilliant at this art, but I loved it. My teacher said to me, you will regret this, and I did. It was beautiful and soothing and lovely.

I would have been kinder to my late father, I would have asked him a million questions and gotten to know him so that at the age of 30 I do not wander about a million things. I would have loved him more, because only now that he is gone do I realize how similar we are. 

I would have studied to be a Gynecologist like my late father- he always said that it was the one medical profession where most of the time you dealt with happy times- birth... I would not have studied law, something I never got a passion for... And then when I shifted to doing my honours in psychology- I should have done my Masters afterwards. I would have been a good Psychologist. 

I would not have dated some of the guys that I dated, I would have been wise enough to see the destruction that would cause long term. I would have seen that they were not genuine- that all I would learn from those relationships was hurt and a great method to building walls. 

I would have closed off my heart just a little bit more and not let everyone walk into my life that I did. Some lessons, I could have done without. 

I would have read the four agreements the day I started to learn to read. And in saying this all.. there is so much I would not change a millisecond of. The hours I spent reading from the day I learnt to read- the 100's, 1000's of books that I  have read and absorbed into my heart. The movies I watched with my dad. The nights I could not sleep and I woke up and found my dad watching a movie and joined him in the lounge. 

The friendships that I invested so much in, so much love, that are epic. That are lifelong. Thank you beautiful friends. 

The relationships I had that were beautiful, and loving.. and even if sometimes painful... left me so much more then what I entered with. Strength. Humility. The ability to understand love. Those relationships that led me to my beautiful Peri. To my true love. To Reality. 

And yes I would have loved to be a Doctor, but perhaps I would be so focused on healing the physical that I would not have this deep need to heal the heart and soul. And that is what I am getting to. The heart and soul.

With all that I have learnt, loved, hurt... and yes regretted... I want to spend my life sharing, inspiring, healing and teaching others. I want to teach children to meditate and that holding a rose quartz to your heart and breathing deeply will help the pain far more then any medication. I want to change this world- even if it is just one soul I touch and help. So with love, light and the biggest thanks for the many blessings that I have in my life... May I be blessed further to inspire people and in turn to be inspired by those very people.

And yes, it is okay to regret.... it is what you do with that regret that matters. No anger.. no hate. Move forward and create something beautiful.

With love and light xx Happy Friday!