Sunday, 12 January 2014

A cloud of butterfly inspiration

So yesterday saw a cloud of beautiful butterflies flying over Johannesburg. This is the annual migration of the brown veined butterflies to Madagascar. It is a sight to behold! Everywhere you looked where beautiful flowing butterflies. Symbolically the Butterfly reflects transformation- and accepting that transformation with faith. And so I look at this beautiful sight as a sign for myself, for Johannesburg, and for South Africa as a symbol of the transformation we as a country have gone through and faith that everything will work out brilliantly and as it should. I looked in awe at these small beautiful creatures that go through this amazing metamorphosis and then make the flight all the way to Madagascar! How incredible is that? How spectacular is this world? Everything around us is a miracle.

Nature has a way of reflecting to us as individuals what is going on inside of us- it gives us signs all the time- speaks to us. People have a way of reflecting what is going on inside of us as well- and when you emanate negativity - that is what reflects back to you.

Yesterday I read an article on what makes positive people positive- and the one thing that stuck out was that they appreciated the small things in life. They saw beauty in nature, a blue sky- they felt joy from something little and did not hold out for some huge momentous occasion to make them happy. And that, to me, is the secret, appreciate every moment. Never say to yourself "I will be happy when.."... be happy today. Yes it is Sunday, and yes for a moment there the blues of work tomorrow caught me... and then I thought. It is Sunday, the sun is shining, I am going to read my book by the pool, be peaceful and happy. As we say in Afrikaans "More is nog a dag"... tomorrow is another day...

May you appreciate the butterflies, the sunshine, the raindrops nourishing the earth, the very fact that you are alive right now. With love and light always. xoxo