Thursday, 23 January 2014

Build your own DREAMS!

There are many people in this world who love stability, love constants, love calm and consistency. I am not one of those people.

I thrive on chaos, thrive on drama- love change- love adventures. But it is dangerous to always be like that so I find my adventures in every day things.

There is so much magic in things standing right in front of us.

So I go to renew my drivers license. About a block from the station is an empty field barring a makeshift type shop (wood planks with tin roof), a few men sitting under it and a plastic chair. A cardboard sign saying photos. So I stop there-- climb through the plants and head to have my photos for my new license. A lovely warm (some what hulky and bit scary) gentleman tells me to sit down. Takes photos and then opens his boot of his car to link to some form of equipment.

He says " you need a copy of your ID, go to the lady across the field, get it while I print the photos". So I walk across to next makeshift shop and there is an old also very lovely lady with a lone photocopy machine. And done.

What struck me in this experience is the brilliance, tenacity and entrepreneurship with both these stores. They saw a need, they capatilised on it and they have created a little business. It gives me hope. And mostly inspires me.

Living in South Africa, a country rife with crime and poverty.. You cannot blame people for feeling hopeless. Inadequete healthcare and education. A worry where your next meal will come from. Fears all around you. People need to survive. But admist that.. There are so many exceptional people.. That rise above any feelings of anger, hatered, bitterness and the ability to create something out of nothing. And if you create, the world can only grow.

With so much love, I pray for all South Africans to continue creating businesses, creating dreams and creating hope. I read a brilliant quote the other day " build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs". So with a hopeful heart may we all make our dreams a reality and continue to create more brilliance in this world. 

With love and light always