Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Heart Song

Heart Song

I call my cat Rumples my heart song. He is not my only heart song. So I guess the very phrase heart song means different things to different people- my boyfriend was not sure when me met what this thing called a “heart song” was.

Definition of heart song: something or someone that at the very sight of fills your heart with joy, that elation instantly, something connected into your heart and wired to make you instantly happy, genetically built to that something or someone. Your heart is coded already with your heart songs and when your heart connects with their rhythm you just know. You want to dance and sing, you want to laugh for no reason- you feel calm. My boyfriend is also part of my heart song. He has a very different beat to most- the rhythm is a little mixed up (in a really fabulous way). When I see him I feel my heart song go extra fast- and it never changes, no matter how many times I look at him.

Listen to beats around you, listen to intuition— let your inner voice speak, and connect with your heartsongs.