Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Love is the most amazing thing when you feel it, when you breath it in. When you meet someone who makes your heart beat faster- makes you forget about every day things and reminds you to day dream. And then it is not perfect. You realise that the person you love is flawed in many ways and that you are flawed. That as you can bring out the best in each other, you can bring out the worst. That the line between love and hate is a lot thinner then you think.
But loving someone doesn’t mean you will love them equally all the time and it doesn’t mean that they are perfect- or anything near perfect. Loving someone means excepting that they aren’t you- they dont love the same way you do- they dont show love the same way you do.
I want to show my boyfriend love by creating a book of photos and messages that took me 3 months to do- what better way is that? He doesnt show love that way, he wants to cook for me and help me get new tyres on my car.  Different? Yes. But a show of love nonetheless. We cannot change people or force them to be the same as us.
We choose to love them, we choose to listen to our #heartsong that connects with theirs, and we look at them with open hearts and minds and  love utterly and truly. Our version of utterly and truly.
And sometimes, now and again, we try to love the person in the language they love.