Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Love me till I am me again

It is so easy to love anyone when they are on top form- when they are happy and light and fun. When friends or family are going through good times- everyone wants to be around. Support is so easy when people are lovely and loving. But what about the down times?

Who feels like being around someone when they are lacking energy, when they are not the life of the party, when they are boring, when they are sad? When they are negative? And lets be honest, we all feel like that sometimes in life. 

When your partner is warm and loving- everything is amazing and of course you want to spend every moment with them. But what about if they go through something? What about when they are depressed? Do you want to sit home in bed with them and mope or do you rush somewhere else to be far removed from their pain- waiting for their old self to surface. And if their old self takes too long to come back- do you find someone else- someone bubbly and joyous?

Love. The very definition to me is that. That even when you are not on top form, even when you are 10 kilos overweight or feeling depressed, or having sleepless nights from anxiety--- your partner stands by you. He or she stays home with you and holds your hand and doesn't push you to "snap out of it". Love means sticking around even when things turn shitty... because they do turn around, and they do turn good again. 

My prayer, for my friends, my family, and for every beautiful soul reading this- is to have that love. To have that someone in your life that sticks around even when the real you has left the building. That stands by you until you- are you again. 

With love and light.