Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Saga of Candy Crushing

I am a lover of social media. I admit. I love the stalking, I love the photos, I love the sharing,I love the glimpse you get to have into other people's lives, fears, hopes and dreams. Witnessing happy moments of those near and far just with a click of a button.

Recently - well with retrospect not so recent - I met farm saga. It became my therapy- any moment of angst there was my farm saga. Currently I have completed this game and await for new levels. And so, in my moment of need I turned to candy crusher. Well.. Well... We all know this story 

Am I addicted? No I don't think so. But I have no shame in requesting a life, a bit of help over a bridge from my fellow candy crushers. And the requests come in, but funny because I have no qualms giving lives to Facebook friends I probably would not greet. Help with extra moves - with pleasure but don't start a chat with me. 

Gaming. Social media. Technology. The world today. We are a little bit disconnected from each other- well a lot...  but at the same time we are all so connected. Because we know everything about everyone. The other day I bumped into someone I had not seen in years- she asked me "how is your Cat Shanti, she is so beautiful!"  For a second I thought, wait how do you know Shanti- where did you see my Shanti? Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Shanti is famous. And I guess it is kind of nice, because there was a connection made- a conversation starter and well Shanti is totally gorgeous.

And that feeling when you meet someone new- totally out of the blue- you add each other on Facebook and wham- two mutual friends! Three degrees of separation right then and there- in action.

So sharing is caring, and I am okay with my small Candy Crush addiction (okay I admitted it), and next time someone does give me a Life on Candy Crush- I will send them a message to say THANK YOU.

Keep on sharing. Share with good intent and a good heart.

With love and light always