Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My new friend- Mr Praying Mantis

For a few days now a praying mantis has been following me around. In my bedroom, when I get out the car, sitting on the washing basket- I turn my head and my little green friend is standing there. 

I see signs and meaning in everything around me- so I needed to know why this little guy was my new friend.

The word mantis comes from the Greek word mantikos meaning soothsayer or prophet. The praying mantis does have this look- it is like I want to ask him the meaning of the world, love, hate and my life purposes. And he looks so peaceful, in a terminal meditative state. Taking away from my usual inclination to look at the spiritual symbolism of this creature I looked at science.

Well this chap is the only insect whose eyesight works 180 degrees. Take a look at this little creature and do not get a fright when he looks over his shoulder straight at you. No other insect can do so. He sees the whole picture, and perhaps that is a lesson I need to learn. Stop dissecting the minute details in life, picking out the small things- I need to look at the big picture. What is that big picture? Well life is beautiful. I have love, I have my health and I have shifting moments of inner peace- which is a lot if you ask me. 

Another interesting scientific fact about Mr Mantis, well Mrs Mantis- the female sometimes have been known to eat the males . Lesson number two. Enough said

Lesson number three thanks to my scientific research. Mr Mantis only has one ear. So maybe I do not listen. Well I know I don't. Dashing out words of wisdom is easy but taking them- not so easy. A lesson to learn- listen. Listen to those around you who sometimes do know better. I need to listen to them. Listen to nature. Listen to your body- when it says "Stop feeding me those pizza's I feel sick", listen. And listen to your gut- when you get a certain gut feeling about something- it is probably right. I have come to learn your gut instinct knows no wrong. 

So Mr Mantis, thank you for your beautiful lessons this week. I look forward to seeing you later. 

Love and light as always xxx